The Edible Oils Szamotuły production site

The Szamotuły site, located mid-way between Warsaw and Berlin, primarily produces branded and customer own-brand rapeseed oil and sunflower oil.

The site has 2 high speed production lines and are able to produce over 80 SKUs through a 24/7 operation. The site is capable of producing different formats, sizes, types of cartons, types of trays, and different palletisation. The fastest production line produces more than 300 bottles a minute. Rapeseed is refined in Szamotuły and then a pipe through the wall to the bottling hall. Sunflower is refined at Olomouc and arrives by road tanker.

We pack: Rapeseed oil, Sunflower oil, Mix with 5% extra, virgin olive oil and 50/50 (Rapeseed/Sunflower).
We produce in: PET bottle in 0,9l; 1,0l; 2,0l and 3,0l sizes. There is also the possibility of 1000l IBC production.


Oil tanker, IBC and pipes.


Bulk oil is stored at ambient temperature in one of our 8 bulk tanks prior to packing. Packed products are also stored at ambient temperature.


Controlled conditions of storage, capability of warehouse 3000 pallet places. Bulk oil is stored in 7 tanks with total capacity of 550mT.


Automatic palletisation.



IFS Food Version 6 at Higher Level
Member of SEDEX