The Edible Oils Erith bottling site

The Erith bottling site is positioned directly adjacent to the ADM oil refinery on the banks of the River Thames, approximately 20km east of London. The refinery supplies the bottling site directly with oil through the wall without the need for further transport, hence being a very cost efficient factory. Erith specialises in the bottling of seed oils including rapeseed, sunflower and corn oil into consumer friendly packaging formats.

EOL are the UK’s largest producer of commodity oils and pourable all veg butter alternatives. We have 4 production lines which bottle over 100 million litres of seed oils and blends every year, in 79 different sizes and formats.

We pack: Rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, corn oil and light touch oil

We produce in PET bottles and HDPE bottles.


Most of our oil is transferred to the site from the refinery next door via fully enclosed, dedicated tanks and pipelines. Only a small consignment is delivered by road tankers.


Bulk oil is stored at ambient temperature in one of our 8 bulk tanks prior to packing. Packed products are also stored at ambient temperature.


Oil is bottled on one of our 4 quality packing lines. We blow mould our bottles for our high-speed lines on site from preforms, as well as for our own label customers. This allows us to react quickly to customer demand.


The finish cases are automatically packed and shrink wrapped.

Stock Consolidation

Selected SKUs from Belvedere are shunted to Erith for storage and consolidated shipment.



BRC Global standard for Food Safety - Grade A+
ISO 14001:2005 - Environmental Management system
OHSAS 18001:2007 - Occupational Health & Safety Management
Member of SEDEX
Kosher Certified

The EOL Brand Family

EOL own and manage the leading brands in the UK market. These brands are well known to the UK consumers who have used and enjoyed the products for years, if not decades.

Own labelled goods

EOL work in collaboration with their retail partners to ensure that they have the right ranges at the right price. By using market data, EOL are able to provide impartial recommendations to drive the category growth.