Leading the way in the manufacturing and
distribution of edible oils throughout Europe.

Edible Oils Limited (EOL) is a joint venture between Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and Princes Limited. It is the leading supplier of both branded and customer own brand bottled oils and white fats to both the UK and mainland European markets.

Edible Oils facilities

State of the art facilities

EOL has three production facilities which specialises in the bottling and packing of Edible oils in both the UK and Europe. All of our factories have the highest level of accreditation and deliver award winning products under brand and own label.

EOL experience

A breadth of expertise

Edible Oils Limited ( EOL ) is the leading supplier of branded and customer own branded bottled oils and white fats in the UK markets. Our areas of expertise include seed oils, white fats and many more.

A word of warning

There have been cases of individuals fraudulently using our EOL company name and registered office and posing as registered Directors in order to pass themselves off as a credible edible oils business in some instances requesting advance payments for oil and other products. Please note that EOL will never use Gmail or other free email accounts to communicate with you. If you are unsure please use the contact form on the website and we will get in touch safely.

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Our responsibilties

Download our 2021 Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement to find out more about our commitment.